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Live Chat

Clients appreciate the more personalized, faster way of live chat when expressing their concerns. Live chat is an important platform for delivering customer service and meeting customer satisfaction. This is the essential benefit of live chat that FilWeb effectively offers. FilWeb’s live chat team is composed of customer savvy professionals who are smart, prompt, and […]

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E-mail Support

A growing medium for data transmission and customer relationship management, the e-mail is integral to brand building and the growth process of every business. As such, e-mail support should be done effectively. FilWeb’s e-mail support team is capable of managing and monitoring your e-mail so your potential and existing clients can get fast responses. Moreover, […]

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Technical Support

Our technical support team has an extensive experience in troubleshooting various concerns on technological products and services. They are fully capable of providing assistance clearly, politely, and effectively. Your clients can certainly be satisfied with their troubleshooting expertise whether it is about software, hardware, or electronic devices. FilWeb’s technical support team is composed of Information […]

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Virtual Secretary

In providing our virtual secretary service, we make sure that we put the right people who are strongly equipped with virtual and non-virtual secretarial experience. This is significant to providing high quality virtual secretary service in a growingly competitive business world. FilWeb’s virtual secretary service will efficiently handle your administrative services to allow you to […]

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24-Hour Help Desk

Continued assistance to your clients on their Information Technology problems is integral to giving them a non-stop support whenever they need it. We can help you build a solid rapport with your own customers and further build your reputation as a reliable provider of help desk support. FilWeb’s expert team of help desk staff will […]

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Customer Service

Continuously enriching their skills through industry-sponsored trainings and seminars, our customer service team knows how to value clients’ trust. Our people believe that customers should be treated with respect and open mind and ears. FilWeb’s customer service provides you guaranteed access to people who can strongly value your very own clients. You can certainly bank […]

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