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Below is the formula of our per hour pricing system for all of our business and knowledge process services:

Total Hourly Rate = Base Salary + Benefits + Management Fee

Base Salary. Per hour rate of each employee.
Benefits. Your selected staff is provided with Federal and company benefits that are included in their compensation package.
Management Fee. Covers the operational expenses included in providing the ordered service. These include:

  • Office. Located in Simi Valley, California. FilWeb operates in a comfortable, highly professional work office building. It is fully furnished with key pieces of equipment and technological tools.
  • Workstation Equipment. Each of our staff’s workstation is equipped with shared telephone lines, high-speed Internet, LCD screen desktop computer.
  • Information Technology (IT) and Technical Support. Ensuring our seamless operations is our dedicated team of IT and technical support associates.
  • Human Resource (HR) Management. The HR Management team provides each of our personnel with career growth and development initiatives.